Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin' BBQ Plate


At Bounty Hunter, we believe not only in providing you with expertly curated wines from all over the world, but in providing exquisite culinary experiences as well. That starts right here in Napa with our restaurant and retail shop: Bounty Hunter Wine Bar and Smokin’ BBQ.

Located in the heart of Downtown Napa, Bounty Hunter is a place where you can enjoy a delicious and relaxed meal and have access to a library of wines and spirits that can be enjoyed on their own, as a part of a tasting, or paired to elevate any dish on our menu. Enjoy local favorites like our BH Beer Can Chicken, or stop in for some of our beloved specials, like our Prime Rib. Every menu item is guaranteed to be delicious, and comes with a pairing suggestion from our astounding lineup of wines.

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Bounty Hunter Wine Bar & Smokin' BBQ Ribs